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My passion is to help you figure that out!  

My name is Linda Larson Schlitz and I, like you, am a Faucet of HOPE to bring a drink of fresh water to a thirsty world. What is a Faucet of HOPE you ask?

THE FAUCET OF HOPE is a simple paradigm that provides solutions to all segments of our society and Linda is anxious to come and share it with your group, church, school or business!

1. Everyone is unique and cannot be compared to anyone else

2.  No one who ever came before us or who will ever come after has the same skills, abilities, talents and    experiences that we do and that makes us invaluable

3. Because we have someone that others need and no one else could ever offer the way we can, they will    pay  for it.

4. We don’t need to be perfect, just open and available

5. Because we are so valuable we need to make every effort and investment to be the best we can be so we can leave a legacy of HOPE to all who follow after us.

Whether it is in our personal lives, our churches, our schools, our businesses or our society as a whole, until we realize the irreplaceable value in every person and find ways to empower one another to use the gifts God has given us, people will continue to search to fill the void in unhealthy ways. We all need HOPE and until we see our value and begin offering the Help Opportunity Praise & Encouragement (HOPE) that only we can give people will miss out on the gift God intended for us to give them.

This simple formula will change the world, one person at a time but we need to realize that nothing will happen without our cooperation! 



Linda Larson Schlitz is  Founder and President of Faucet of Hope Ministries LLC. This Wausau, Wisconsin based organization is dedicated to helping others realize their purpose and potential as a Faucet of God’s love.

Linda has a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling and has worked for nearly 25 years with children and adults to help them overcome barriers to be all that they were created to be.  Linda has worked as a School Counselor, and Outpatient Therapist, a College Professor and an Employment and Training Counselor and  spent 14 years volunteering as the Founder/President of Randlin Adult Family Care Homes Inc, a Non profit Organization she co-founded, helping homeless, chemically dependent and mentally ill adults rehabilitate their broken lives.  Linda is a singer/songwriter with a CD called “Quiet Times” and has several published works including the book “Ditzy Blonde Faucet-It’s a God Thing.”  

Linda’s positive outlook, determination and commitment to be an inspiration to others like herself who have struggled with substance abuse, mental illness and a host of other life issues, earned her the a 2010 Red Cross Heroes of the Year and the prestigious Athena Award that same year. 

Linda has also received commendations from Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker, Secretary of Workforce Development Reggie Newson, Mayor James Tipple, State Representative Donna Seidl and many others. She is an internationally known featured speaker with the Public Speakers Association and has been inspiring and educating others for over 40 years with her message of HOPE that offers Help Opportunity Praise Encouragement to others. 

TO BOOK LINDA TO BE A SPEAKER or HIRE HER AS A COACH  you can give her a call at 715-212-2339 or email linda@lindalarsonschlitz.com