Our speakers have triumphed over all of these adversities and more. Their inspiring stories guarantee that you will leave with a sense of HOPE and anticipation because there is a place for you too in this world to leave your legacy with your story. Join us on Saturday October 22nd to begin your new life of HOPE for the future and for allowing us to offer you the Help Opportunity Praise and Encouragement you need to share your life and be a blessing to others.

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  • Have you ever wondered what it is like to survive a bombing?
  • Are you a veteran who survived war when your comrades didn’t?
  • Do you know what it is like to be injured by someone else and aren’t expected to live let alone ever walk again?
  • Have you ever had your life turned upside down by a traumatic brain injury that left you unable to do even the most basic personal cares in life?
  • Have you faced life without your “real” parents and then were diagnosed with brain cancer and had to go through the ordeal with a foster family?
  • Have you made choices that you regret? Had an addiction that ripped away everything that had meaning to you so you decided to end it all?
  • Have you ever wondered why God abandoned you when you were going through something?
  • Did you ever wonder what your purpose in life is and why things have happened to you?


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A Promise of Hope

We all get down sometimes and may feel like giving up but even in death there is hope for a new life. The BIG FAUCETS OF HOPE exist because they were Brought Into Grace to offer Help Opportunities Praise and Encouragement. You are not alone in your struggle. We are here to help! Please join us for the inspiration and the tools to make a legacy out of your tragedy!


Topics Our Speakers Will Cover

Traumatic Brain Injury

It can happen to anyone and is a life changing event. Brain injury happens in many ways and can affect behaviors, feelings, thinking, motor skills and virtually everything changes. Listen to Mr. Rocky, Dr. Anderson and Dylan to learn more

Surviving Cancer

Brain Tumors are the 2nd leading cause of cancerous deaths in children. It changes everything and there are residual physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral results that often destroy jobs, relationships and friendships. Listen to Dylan and learn how to cope!

Overcoming Substance Abuse &  Mental Illness

Billions of dollars are spent each year dealing with all of the aftermath of addiction in our country yet there are few programs that have been effective in treating. Linda, Mr. Rocky and Dylan have overcome the odds and helped countless others to do the same.


Research is showing that the breakdown of the family has devastating effects on children as they are transitioned from place to place and an entourage of “significant others” that may or may not have their best interest at heart. Linda will share the solutions to the breakdown of the family from her own experience.


This is a topic no one likes to talk about but as of 8/23/2016 there have been 59,299,091 abortions in the United States.  The effects on all involved can be devastating, if not right away, then up the road. There is always someone in the audience when Linda speaks that is hurting. Don’t miss this.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn’t just happen to veterans. Though Pastor Yauo Yang is going to talk about surviving Iraq, every other speaker has gotten professional help for dealing with the post traumatic stress they experiencesd over the situations, injustices and tragedies they have been through

Foster Care

Kids end up in foster care for a variety of reasons. None of them are good because it takes alot of bad things to happen before anyone is going to spend the money to put a child in foster care. Dylan is a remarkable young man who will share how to not let that get you down but to use it to leave your legacy of hope.

Finding Purpose

When bad things happen to good people you ask why, where is God and what good could possibly come of all that you have gone through. These speakers will make it very clear that their tragedy is now their opportunity to change lives and make an impact by sharing how they were brought into grace by Gods love

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Linda Larson Schlitz

9:00-9:50AM Linda Larson Schlitz never dreamed she would ever be “good enough” to receive the Red Cross Hero or Athena Awards but since God helped her deal with alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse, abortion, divorce, hypo-mania type II bi-polar, ADHD and PTSD to name a few, Linda decided to commit her life to helping others overcome these issues like she has.

Eric Anderson

3:00-3:50 PM Dr. Anderson is a Licensed Psychologist and the Co-Owner of Anderson & Associates Counseling and Psychologist Services. He was also the Founder of Northcentral Technical College’s Human Services Program until 2013 when he suffered a traumatic brain injury after being trampled and nearly killed by his beloved horse. The journey has been very difficult but he is ready to start sharing his story of what people with traumatic brain injury go through and where to get the tools to cope.

Dylan Rellinger

1:00-1:50 PM Dylan, a troubled 14 year old had gotten messed up with drugs and his parents moved away leaving him with relatives who eventually put him in foster care where he learned he had a cancerous brain tumor.  For the last 8 years he has been sharing his story in schools and community groups. It is time Dylan gets a chance to make this his life’s career not just a volunteer position.

Yauo Yang

2:00-2:50 PM From refugee camp to Central Wisconsin, Yauo never thought he’d leave his small town community until he felt led to join the Wisconsin National Guard. It was during his death defying time in Iraq that he made his deal with God that has led him to become an educator and now a Pastor that is starting a church to bring racial unity to Northcentral Wisconsin.

Jason Breitenfeld

10-10:50 AM- They estimated the van was traveling 80 MPH when this 3rd time drunk driver crossed the center line and hit Jason head on.  It took them nearly 3 hours to cut Jason out of the vehicle and a month before he came home in his wheelchair but not before he died, went to heaven and was sent back to share his story as he did in his first book- The Dangers of Drinking and Driving- The Jason Breitenfeld Story. You have to hear this!

Rocky Moua

11-11:50 AM Mr. Rocky fell asleep and had a dream about his grandpa and Jesus who threw a white blanket with a blue cross over him. He woke up a month later to learn he had been beaten into a coma by robbers, his grandfather passed away and he had a brain injury and may never walk again. He lives to tell the story of God’s grace, miracle healing and how people along the way changed him by their example.

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